Kae Tempest

U.K. artist Kae Tempest, on the first time they ever spit rhymes in public, at age 15: “I remember pushing through the crowd. I remember the tunnel vision. I remember reaching for the mic. I remember, like, the heat, the fever — your whole body beginning to like go into almost like unbearable minute precision-detail slow motion, and then the words. That was 20 years ago. More! And it’s the same feeling that I have each time I’m about to approach the mic. It’s this, like, deep connection to the word. And I remember the place transformed, people transformed, I transformed. And then from that night, until today, I haven’t thought about anything else but rhymes. When you receive that much inspiration from something, and you’re able to suddenly give something back, you’re able to publish a book or make a record, and you can contribute — you can stand on that line that goes all the way back and your contribution can be felt going forwards. It’s the most incredible kind of epiphany moment of achieving balance or things being right. It’s my, kind of, life-force, really.” Kae’s latest album, The Line Is A Curve, is a powerful collection of musical vignettes that explore our drive for connection, and it’s one of my favorite LPs of 2022. Kae is on tour in Europe until mid-December and in Australia and New Zealand in early 2023. Get tickets here.

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