Kevin Morby

Singer-songwriter Kevin Morby discusses some of the defining influences on his music, including musical heroes such as Bob Dylan and Mountain Goats, as well as the bigger life stuff: the midwestern cities he moved between as a kid, the panic attacks he suffered during high school, the death of a best friend he made after…More

Chvrches – Lauren Mayberry // Archive clip: PJ Harvey

The magnetic and sharp-witted Lauren Mayberry joins Jenny in Los Angeles for a chat about her creative journey, from growing up in Scotland idolizing artists like Gwen Stefani and Kathleen Hanna to discovering how to tap into her own powerful onstage persona as frontwoman for electro-pop trio Chvrches. Plus, from Jenny’s archive, an excerpt from…More

Twin Shadow – George Lewis, Jr. // Archive clip: Nick Jonas

Twin Shadow’s George Lewis Jr. delves into the evolution of his sound, from the time he was a little kid emulating Boyz II Men, through his early years playing punk and indie rock, and his more recent drive to explore sounds from his native Dominican Republic. Also: A clip of Nick Jonas in 2009, at…More

Bob Mould // Archive clip: Mavis Staples

Indie rock icon Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü, Sugar) discusses his creative journey — a childhood obsessing over jukebox 45s he got from his dad, his experiences in the Minneapolis/St. Paul punk scene, his current life in Berlin — and how those touchstones inform his excellent new album, Sunshine Rock. Also featured: an excerpt of a…More

Kurt Vile // Archive clip: Weezer – Rivers Cuomo

Don’t even get me started on how much I love Kurt Vile’s music, and his entire presence as a dude. In this episode, hear the singer-songwriter discuss his musical evolution and his new album, Bottle It In. Also featured: An excerpt from a 2002 interview with Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo, about finding ways to integrate more…More

Sharon Van Etten // Archive clip: Gwen Stefani

Proving herself a master multitasker, singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten made a brilliant new album in the midst of going back to college, starting a new side career in acting, and welcoming the birth of her first child. Hear her conversation with Jenny about her new album, Remind Me Tomorrow, and the creative journey that led…More

Eleanor Friedberger // Archive clip: Amy Winehouse

Singer-songwriter Eleanor Friedberger (formerly of Fiery Furnaces) joins Jenny for a discussion of the creative influences that shaped her early songwriting endeavors; how a long trip to Greece inspired her fantastic new album, Rebound, and more. The episode also includes an archive clip from one of Jenny’s early ’07 interviews with Amy Winehouse for Rolling…More

Dirty Projectors’ David Longstreth

Few artists of David Longstreth’s generation have pushed back as persistently at the boundaries of their own sound. But does that make Dirty Projectors’ music “experimental”? That, among other nerdy tangents, populate a conversation about Longstreth’s early influences — his older brother, a book on Beatles’ recording techniques, and more. He also discusses his creative…More

Leon Bridges // Archive clip: Jack White

One of modern R&B’s most intriguing new artists, singer-songwriter Leon Bridges discusses how his childhood love of dance evolved into the look and sound he’s developed since his excellent 2015 debut, Coming Home. Bridges also talks about how he plans to continue expanding his sonic palette, as he begins to think about album three. Plus,…More